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Animated explainer videos are great for showcasing the technical benefits of products and, although AdBlue is used within the transport sector, not many people know why or what it does. Furthermore, even fewer people know how important it is to the health and life of an engine. Our client, the agricultural holding company AGCO, wanted to create a series of films highlighting the benefits of AdBlue when used within farming machinery. These films also needed translating for various world markets which meant that this project was as much about logistics as it was about creativity. We’ve written a detailed post on creating multi-language content  in our Branded Content post here.



Animation was chosen for the approach because it would allow us to show the make-up of Adblue. In addition, it would enable us to visualise how it behaves inside a machine which, with live action, we simply couldn’t do. Animation in the form of an explainer video production is also a more universal option for worldwide use because it works across many cultural boundaries.

We designed all of the assets to be used within the animated explainer using only very basic brand guidelines to steer us. We also had some photos of the machines, and parts of the AdBlue products. All of these had to then be redrawn and turned into an animation asset. It was then a case of scripting a solid narrative, asset creation, storyboarding and monitoring the deliverables very closely to make sure nothing was missed.



Our client, AGCO, is a holding company that operates a range of tractor brands. This project originally asked for three videos for a single brand but the first three were so successful we were immediately asked that a fourth animated video be produced. All four were then rebranded for use across the whole company in multiple languages.

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