Branded content is video production that speaks to the values and vision of a company, but doesn’t directly sell the product or service. Because…


But that’s why Branded Content marketing works. It’s usually a relaxed and story-based way to get people on board with your brand. It’s content that’s interesting in its own right.  If you stopped someone on the street and said which brands do you feel the deepest connection with they’d probably pull a face and walk on by. Even if people do feel a ‘deeper connection with the brand’ then those aren’t words they’d actually use. But if you make something interesting and watchable, then people usually don’t mind you slipping the brand in here and there.

It’s not a traditional advertisement, but rather content such as articles, branded videos, podcasts and even live elements that are created with the intention of promoting a brand in a relatively subtle and authentic manner. Obviously, we’re focused on branded video content. It’s usually used to engage the customer in an authentic and realistic manner, building relationships with them. We’ve even done it at scale, with an agricultural branded content series of 30 episodes in 4 languages.


Brand videos can be used to connect customers with products they love on the platforms where they spend time. Many use cases are more effective than commercials and TV advertisements. There is often an aspirational element to them, or the viewer should see themselves in the people on screen. Branded content can be more engaging than other kinds of advertising simply because it should feel like advertising and it evokes a positive emotional response from audiences. It allows for deeper connections between brands and their customers and branded content is an excellent tool for raising brand awareness. By creating interesting and informative content, brands can reach new audiences who may not have been exposed to their products before. This type of video marketing also helps build trust between brands and their customers since it shows that the brand cares about providing valuable information instead of just trying to sell something. Finally, using branded content can help increase sales for a brand by driving traffic to its website or social media pages. By creating compelling content that resonates with customers, brands can encourage people to take action such as visiting their website or making a purchase.


Branded content is an effective way for brands to engage with their customers whilst retaining some authenticity and increasing awareness of their products or services. It provides value to customers by providing them with useful information about a brand or product while also helping build trust between the two parties. Additionally, using branded content can help drive traffic to websites and increase sales for a brand.


We’re obviously passionate about doing great creative work but we’re always at our best when we have bold clients that want that rare beast, boundary pushing creative that still fits the brand.

Achieving this in a way that helps fast growing businesses tackle the problems of successfully scaling is the kind of thing that makes us skip to work early and trudge home late.

If you think your brand may benefit from some branded content then get in touch.

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