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Video production is a crowded industry. The first stage of commissioning a new video production company is deciding who to approach. But how?

Between universities churning out skilled graduate filmmakers and social media platforms nourishing the desire to create and be recognised for it, there’s no global shortage of people pointing cameras at things.

But making the leap from being a filmmaker to developing the skills required to service clients in a creative, repeatable fashion, is much harder.


Vermillion Films has evolved enormously since launching in 2011. “We make nice films” isn’t a strong enough reason for serious clients to consider a company. So, over the years we’ve actively interrogated what the natural qualities and culture of our company are that bring clients back to us time and time again.  And we’ve worked hard to develop and refine our offering, focusing on what clients need and what makes a successful relationship.

For us to convince clients that we are the right people we need to convince them of three things.

Capability: Do we have the skills required to do the work that is required?

Credibility: Can we support our claims of capability by demonstrate this expertise, either through existing work or with other relevant evidence?

Capacity: Not only can we start the work, but do we have sufficient strength in depth, across multiple disciplines to respond to changing requirements?

The requirements for different briefs are themselves different, so there’s no one page on this site that answers the above three areas for your specific requirements.

However, there are reasons that clients choose us over other video production companies that we’ve developed into our universal principles of being a good supplier.


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Work with us if you want someone to interrogate your brief and ask you the right questions

We’ve become very good at distilling complex propositions into simple and understandable messaging.

Service Excellence:
We strive to be a low-stress supplier, keeping you informed and meeting all deadlines, not just the one at the end

With key roles in house we’re able to be flexible and responsive, to meet crushing deadlines where necessary and adapt to changing circumstances.

Unguided creativity without structure is chaos. But systems and processes are not a cage for creativity, they’re a framework and a force multiplier.

A no-surprise Culture:
Our comms are clear and we’re upfront about everything. No-one likes a nasty surprise.

We do interesting and engaging work that stands out and succeeds.

The films we produce for our clients have a clear sense of purpose, a well-defined audience, and a specific intended result. Only once we’ve helped define those do we apply our creativity. This is why we put “insight & artistry’ in our header, in that order.

We’re now a fully remote company but our full time staff are spread across the country and we’ve historically been based in Birmingham and London in the UK. We have a highly skilled team of video production professionals creating TV commercials, corporate video, branded content and animation for brands and businesses in the UK and around the world. We’re equally comfortable providing content production in studios or on-location film production wherever your video brief requires.

Our corporate clients are drawn from a range of sectors including sport, rail, agriculture, defence and security, energy, FMCG and professional services.  We have a strong focus on producing videos for startups and scaleups as well as branded video content for FTSE 250 companies.

We also work with some advertising, marketing and digital agencies.


We consider ourselves a high-performance group. Our video production team is small but beautifully formed and highly efficient, punching well-above our weight.

We’re strong believers in the concept of T-shaped people, where there’s a broad range of skills in each person that may overlap another’s job role, but also one area where that person has a real depth of expertise.

Everyone in the company fulfils their main job role but also brings something extra to the table, such as a useful complementary skill or additional expertise from previous roles.

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Managing Director
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Creative Director
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Internal Operations Manager & Company Happiness Officer
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A stylilstically lit portrait of a young man in glasses. He is a production assistant at Vermillion Films
Alex Rigby
Production Assistant
(guess who wasn't here when we did portrait day)
A portrait style photo of a man sitting on a stool. He's one of the video production team and is set against a black background. He's leaning forwards with one hand resting under his chin. he's smiling.
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