We’re the leading video production company in Birmingham and the West Midlands, UK. So we are ideally positioned to cater to your creative content needs. We’ve written elsewhere about why you might choose us for your video. But we wanted to explain why you might choose us if you’re looking for a video production company based locally in or around Birmingham. Our experience and scalable pricing mean we can work with small local businesses and global brands. From simple one-day corporate video shoots to large-scale international TV commercial production our video portfolio proves our range. We produce corporate communications branded video content or TV commercials. And we’ve got the knowledge, experience and creativity you need.




Why choose us if you’re looking for a local video production company? For us, there are two good answers to this question.

1. We know Birmingham, its people, crew, locations and its bureaucracy. We know how and where to get things done here.

2. We support Birmingham. And by working with us you will too.

These are broken these down in a lot more detail below.

Video Production Birmingham


We are evangelists for Birmingham and the region.  Our base has been in Birmingham since we started in 2011. And we’re now part of the furniture in Birmingham’s historic Jewellery Quarter. We know the city very well. From the people to the crew, from the locations to the bureaucracy.  We’re the local company that knows how to find things, where to go, and who to ask to get things done. And if we don’t know it, we know the people who do.
We know the city well because we’ve shot so many films for Birmingham-based companies. Our local clients have included all these organisations and many more.

Birmingham Business Logo Page by Vermillion Films Video Production Company Birmingham

We know the city like the back of our hands. As a video production company based in Birmingham, we’ve shot all over the city. As a result, our local knowledge is so useful it’s been drafted in for feature films and BBC Dramas. Often when the usual options haven’t returned satisfactory results.

In addition to all of this, we know that the video work we do for companies in Birmingham is good. The film we made for Business Birmingham has survived the organisation rebranding itself 3 times, with the film being sent back to us each time to get rebranded. And the film we made for Javelin Block won the Regional Royal Television Society Award for Best Promotional Programme.

Vermillion Films started in Birmingham and although we’ve worked all over the world now, our heart is here.


And in a huge number of ways, as well as supporting the wider region.  For example, we provided pro bono work for Birmingham City Ladies Football Club as part of our sports video portfolio and we created a pro bono film for Birmingham Hippodrome for the £1M new stage appeal. Birmingham City Council had pitched for major international festivals with our help. Recently one of our apprentices needed a project to finish her apprenticeship so rather than do something small and lacklustre we offered an entire film to a local charity that she project managed.
We’re invested in the local economy. The last time we asked our local equipment hire company, we were their biggest non-TV client. We use local freelancers and we support Birmingham organisations. Members of our team are involved in all kinds of things including chairing the West Midlands Screen Bureau. And we’ve chaired Screen Central to support grassroots filmmakers. Also, we’ve been a trustee and financial supporter of Flatpack Film Festival. Finally, we’ve spoken at TEDx BrumLoveBrumPekachuka in Birmingham and Coventry and a number of local schools.


Town Hall | Symphony Hall – 21st Anniversary Film

Birmingham City University- #DoMediaDifferently

Colmore Business District – Photography Documentary

Colmore Business District – Photography Documentary

Birmingham Growth Company – Doing Business in Birmingham

Birmingham Young Professional of the Year – Awards Intro Film

Mailbox – Autumn Campaign

Court Collaboration – Investor Film



“I can’t praise them enough. For top quality content and a seamless relationship- these are the guys we’d recommend above the rest. The team are highly skilled and incredibly talented and creative. They use the very best equipment, which is evident with the end result. If you want to present your brand in only the best way, Vermillion should be your go to”.

Tara Graham, Marketing Manager – Glide

“Vermillion have become a valued supplier to the ETI Communications team. Their ability to turn around quality work, quickly and efficiently is a real asset. They have proved themselves able to take highly technical content and assist in making it accessible to a wider audience. They have a good mix of technical and creative skills and are able to understand and interpret complex scripts resulting in imaginative visuals consistent with our brand. Vermillion have become an important extension of our Communications team and we would happily recommend them”.

Sarah Shaw, Senior Brand Communications Manager – ETI


We are agile and responsive because the team is skilled in a number of areas.  We use a mix of in-house expertise and freelance talent. So, this means we are able to respond quickly and creatively to any brief.

Also, our portfolio has continuously grown over our 9 years of operation. This is why it is highly-regarded for its award winning creativity, high-quality visuals and tight editing.

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