As a leading video production company in London we’re well-positioned to use our knowledge of the city to your creative advantage.

Need to know where the one good spot is to film your corporate video interview and get a shot of Tower Bridge in the background? We’ve got you.

Want to shoot your TV commercial on Canary Wharf? You should know that it’s entirely private property and you need special filming permission.

Filming some branded content and needing magnificent shots of planes landing at London City Airport? Just ask us where you need to be.

Are you trying to shoot a sport commercial for the US market in Spring and it starts snowing? We found a filming-friendly, five-a-side football pitch and made it work quickly for our US client.


Our video production experience has allowed us to create over 700 projects all over the world but many of these have been in London, or for clients in the city.

We’ve made the general case for working with us for your video production. But there are very solid reasons for using a local video production company in the city. Our local knowledge, deep experience and a particularly strong network of crew in London means we’re the first port of call for a number of London based clients. Or even overseas clients that need to shoot here.

We’ve recently produced a corporate video for a private equity house who follow our own mantra; If you believe your organisation to be different, then the way your organisation talks about itself should be different. This helped a lot in our work for the fastest growing childcare startup in the UK.

We’ve produced a number of animations for a London based software company as well as live action testimonials for them. Our comedy videos for Fuller’s London Pride and other comedy viral films was London based. One of our favourite video shoots involved shooting vehicle to vehicle for Landrover.

We pride ourselves on being one of the most versatile video production companies in the country, able to turn our hand to virtually anything.

Video Production London


Video Production London photo features a number of film crew interviewing a man in Potter's Field Park overlooking Tower Bridge on the Thames.

For clients that need to shoot in London but don’t have a local base we’ve proven ourselves to be easy to work with. We’re 9 months into a relationship with a major US podcast network and we’ve been their UK video production arm 20 times so far.

A Dubai-based company shooting a global documentary needed a shoot in London for one of their most prestigious clients. We were asked to provide filming services including very last-minute location research when one of their arranged locations fell through.

Film production services were provided to another US-based company to create a documentary for the World Resource’s Institute. London’s Ultra-Low Emission Zone had been entered into the Ross Center for Sustainable Cities Prize and the London Mayor’s office needed a film for their entry. A particularly interesting and abstract project given that air is a pretty hard subject to film in an interesting way.


We are agile and responsive because the team is skilled in a number of areas. We use a mix of in-house expertise and freelance video production talent. So, this means we are able to respond quickly and creatively to any brief.

Also, our video portfolio has continuously grown over our 11 years of operation. This is why it is highly regarded for its award-winning creativity, high-quality visuals and tight editing.


    “We hired Vermillion Films to create a series of home nursery case study videos and a brand/mission film for our startup. I’ve worked with the team for years so they were our default choice. Client communication was excellent, the team was punctual during the shoot and everything was done to be fully covid compliant. We’ve had an excellent response from all audiences which has been reflected in increased engagement and conversion through the funnel”.

    John Newbold, Co-Founder, – Tiney

    “Our deciding factors for choosing Vermillion were among others:

    1. Communication- quick, efficient, owner-led
    2. Brief development: the company did not mind developing the brief before agreeing on the terms.

    The resulting video turned out exactly as expected. Vermillion Films was very easy to work with — they followed an organized shooting process, stuck to the budget, and adhered to all deadlines. Overall, customers can expect a professional partner who follows through on time.”

    VP Investments, London-Based Private Investment Office


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