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In the world of early-stage tech startups, video content is a necessity. Whether it’s a pitch film, like Dropbox’s original concept film for Y-Combinator, product explainers like Dollar Shave Club’s epic viral video, or summary videos to break down complex concepts – video production is the most powerful tool for gaining traction and customers.

Our background means we have a solid understanding of products and the messages that explain them, detailed knowledge of customers, and engaging branded videos to attract them.

When it comes to creating the perfect video for your startup, you need someone who understands not only the creative process of making films but also the consumer, business and investment landscapes in which your product lives.

We’ve worked with companies that have been invested in by some of the rockstars of the VC world including funds such as Andreesen HorowitzBenchmark CapitalLocal Globe and Index Ventures.


We’ve been creating videos for startups for years. In fact here’s a startup video we created recently for tech company Yodeck.

We’ve invested in startups, we’ve mentored startups, we’ve worked with tech accelerators and we’ve created pitch films galore for early stage and pre-seed companies. You may not have access to big budgets like established companies, but we want to help get you there, and we understand that amazing videos will create the impact you need on the audience you want. Our team has years of experience working on video for technology startups, so we know how to brilliant, creating engaging video content that converts.


We’re a full service video production company. We love creating and developing concepts, especially with clients that are a little bit brave. And we see it through from scriptwriting and filming to post-production and distribution. We’re well versed in working with people that haven’t done much of this before. Whether you need a pitch film for a seed round or you’ve got product market fit and you need an animated explainer film to get your product out into the market, our team is here to help create the perfect piece of video content.


As a video production company with a depth of experience in working with early stage companies we understand the unique challenges faced by early stage tech startups when it comes to making your mark and creating engaging branded video content. That’s why we offer a wide range of services tailored specifically to this sector—from concept development through distribution. Let us help you create an effective piece of video content that will engage your target audience and get results.

Why not take a look at some of our top 10 startup videos for inspiration?


We’re obviously passionate about doing great startup videos but we’re always at our best when we have bold clients that want that rare beast, boundary pushing creative that still fits the brand.

Achieving this in a way that helps fast growing businesses tackle the problems of successfully scaling is the kind of thing that makes us skip to work early and trudge home late.

If you want to use video production for startups then get in touch.

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