Startup video production is an interesting niche. It’s pretty easy for founders to say “all we need is a viral video” but they may as well just say “all we need is exponential growth”. According to Crunchbase, as of March 21, there are over 600 unicorns globally and VC funding shows no signs of slowing down.

If you’re a founder thinking about using video as part of your go-to-market then this list is a good place to start getting inspired.

Some of these did manage to capture lightning in a bottle, DollarShaveClub and PooPourri have 72M views between them just on the main channels. Others are just good ideas, brilliantly done. This is something we can help with if you’re thinking about your own go-to-market strategy. Check out our recent startup work here and this recent startup brand video case study

Alternatively, we think the 3 key areas video can play a role in scaling a company that’s finding traction are culture, mission and product and you can find in depth thoughts and examples here.

Starting with one of the most famous and most successful of all time.  It lays out DollarShaveClubs proposition and the customer benefits quickly and succinctly. It’s successful because it’s funny but also product’s benefits are echoed in the style of production, stripped back, no bullshit and no frills. Michael Dubin, the star, the writer and the CEO sold DSC for over $1Bn so it’s worth getting your startup video right.

There was a time before Slack was ubiquitous and this video played a big part in changing that.  It’s a product that’s so simple it almost doesn’t need explaining. So, the nonchalant way the video explores the use case for a simple but powerful app is brilliant.

Much like Dollar Shave Club above Warby Parker riff on the way they disrupted their industry. Here’s all the stuff you could have bought with that money. Simple and fun.

Like many great startup ideas, Goldie Blox is a really simple one. Not every girl wants to play with dolls. This is a really good example of a startup video because the idea is simple but the execution is brilliant.

It’s possible that this video was the inspiration for our own film we made for Future Foundry which you can view here. It’s possible, but we wouldn’t like to comment.

This video is how Spotify announced itself to the US. This wonderful little animation was their US launch video, using original music delightfully animated. I hear things went well for them…

What we love about this is the confidence with which it positions Square. “You don’t need all that crap anymore, what you gonna do with it?”

You may not have heard of Minbox but that’s because AirBnB acquired them in 2016 for an undisclosed sum and some of the founding team still work there so it can’t have been too bad. This is a great example of what you can do if you’ve got zero money but big ambitions.

Although it could do with being a little shorter this one from Notarize solves two problems at once. It explains what the service does, but also not everyone realises just how many things you may need a notary for, so it does a great job of explaining that too, broadening the potential userbase.

Yeah, I confess, I did go check this company was still in business but yep, they are and they’re doing pretty well. Just in case you thought your startup idea was crazy…

(Also, it got 43M views).

Hope you’re feeling inspired!

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