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Innovation videos are tricky to get right. It’s hard to build startups too, especially if you’re trying to do it inside a large corporate. Future Foundry is a new innovation consultancy that’s built on 15 years of experience helping the world’s leading corporates to do exactly this.

Future Foundry asked us to produce a video that explains their proposition quickly and easily, in an eye-catching and engaging manner.

The team at FF had a very clear idea of where the video would fit into their sales pipeline and general marketing.


Startups should never be boring

Innovation videos and startup films are particularly interesting niches that we’ve written about elsewhere. We were provided with an initial script that included all the major sales points Future Foundry wanted to communicate.
We pulled together a large number of film references in the startup and scaleup space across a range of sectors, as well as films for more established companies. These were used to identify what sort of approach the client was comfortable with. We were pleased they were most interested in this fun, engaging, direct address style. By presenting a large amount of research we were able to provide a large number of options that resulted in a laser focus on the aspects they were most interested in communicating.
One thing we loved about this film was casting. A skill we put to great use in another startup video for tech company Yodeck. A proper casting process allowed us to pick an actor with the right combination of gravitas and charm.
As we had a very fast turnaround on the project to coincide with FF’s launch the hefty pre-production paid off and the sign off achieved very quickly

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We were blown away by Vermillion’s understanding of the brief, their creative approach, and pragmatism.
On top of the project’s speedy finish, the video has also been able to drive in leads, thanks to Vermillion Films. The team can work well with startups, recognising and creatively executing their needs.

Jacob Dutton – CEO, Future Foundry



“Blown away” is a delicious piece of client feedback from CEO Jacob. Further to this we know the film has had an immediate impact on their business. By being able to put it in front of prospects they’ve hugely reduced the amount of time spent explaining the service, filtering out companies that are not right and pushing forward companies with a genuine need.
It was a joy to create and we’re really happy with the result too. If you’re looking for innovative branded video content then get in touch below.

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