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We were asked to create an animated explainer video for Camso tractor tyres and placed in contact with a 3D animator by our client, the agricultural holding company AGCO. However, the various USPs communicated, a specific tractor to use and strong animation guidelines constrained what we could do. Our job was to make the animated explainer as interesting as possible to keep the audience glued.

Although animations are often straightforward forward this was a bigger task than we first thought because the animations supplied were slightly mundane. Furthermore, making it interesting seemed a tall order but a challenge we happily accepted.

We’ve got a very long standing relationship with AGCO. You can check out our post on multi-language editing here for an AGCO branded content series.



We opted against a voice over for this even though the reasons to buy CAMSO tyres are extremely technical. This was because the videos needed to be used worldwide in various languages which meant utilising graphics would be easier. Also, animated explainers that are too technical are less watchable, so, by using a strong narrative and graphics on screen, we could keep things simple.

The animation’s narrative added a sense of humour to some parts such as ‘Top secret’ doors slamming shut. On top of this, each scene was devised to be as visually engaging as possible which made the whole explainer more watchable. To add to this we then cut the film down to make it as short as possible without overly bombarding people with facts. This is a technique we use in all of our animations.



This project stands out as an example of an animated explainer film that uses content a client already has and makes something dull more engaging. We are also very proud of what we made because the client ordered the animation to be rebranded for use across the whole business.

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