This sports video was produced as a Team Sky video guide to tackling L’Etape Du Tour.
The L’Etape Du Tour is a cycling event through the Alps and gives 10,000 amateur riders the opportunity to ride a 128km stage of the Tour De France under tour conditions.
Here Team Sky rider CJ Sutton, former rider Dario Cioni and Team Sky nutritionist Nigel Mitchell talk riders through how Team Sky would approach the course, giving advice on riding, clothing and nutrition.
It’s worth noting just how incredibly fit these riders were, repeatedly riding up the same mountain while chatting away about how to do it.
The film shoot was quite technically complex. We required a discreet system for allowing the sound recordist to record sound, whilst also allowing the director and riders to be able to speak to each other. Solving these kinds of challenges is what has helped us make a name for ourselves in sport video production.
Fun Fact: The youngest person to win the Tour De France was, appropriately enough, Henri Comet in 1904. The oldest was Firmin Lambot who won in 1922 at the ripe old age of 36.

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