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We love creating student video content. And Glide is based on a wonderfully simple idea that works for students.  If you’re living in a shared house then you should only be responsible for their share of the bills. So if there are five of you living in the house you only have to pay one-fifth of the bills.

The amazing folks at Orb came up with this concept. It’s genuinely some of our favourite creative branded films we’ve ever worked on. Their concept is a perfect match of Glide’s product and proposition and the intended audience.

Our job was to turn the idea into reality.

Fun Fact: According to a study for Factinate 71% of students rank themselves in the top 10% of their class.


We’ve been working with the Orb team for a long time so we were brought in at a very early stage. Working with rising star, and TV director, Lewis Arnold, very fresh from Broadchurch we helped flesh out the creative and make the most of our medium.

Finding a location that was large enough to film in but ‘lived in’ enough to look like a student house was challenging. The film above was shot in one day, featuring over 120+ different hacks around the house. This meant the client could run a separate competition to spot the most hacks. This drove additional traffic towards the campaign.

But here’s where it got really clever. This Glide project is a masterclass in repurposing the same idea and footage to fantastic effect.

Day two saw all the crew depart and leave the director and cast re-shoot the whole thing on an iPhone. This was to create a social version of the same video.

Working with Social Chain meant the campaign racked up 3.2M social impressions. Although there was paid support, creating films specifically as branded student content meant the reach was further.

Furthermore, out of the footage from the original commercial video we created a further 6 short social clips for Instagram and other social platforms to improve brand and campaign awareness.

The key takeaway here is planning. The intention to re-use as much of the footage as possible wasn’t simply an afterthought. It was an integral part of the brief. In practical terms this meant yelling ‘cut’ less and letting things run. Having multiple takes to work from and mostly just trying lots of different stuff.

If you like the results below and want some student films or student-focused content, then get in touch.

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    40% Increase in sales year on year

    1.2M VOD impressions

    3.2M Social Impressions

    To maximise ROI we created the the main film, the social version of the same film which was seeded in various places where the student audience already gathered and a series of 15″ clips for use on other social platforms such as Instagram.


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