The results of our film production company afternoon. Video production Birmingham by Vermillion Films

Recently after some Friday afternoon drinks in the sunshine, the team sauntered back into the office in Birmingham. We were in the capable hands of our Company Happiness Officer for one of our semi-irregular team afternoons.
Company culture has been described as what happens when the boss isn’t in. Therefore having a good culture is up there with the internet, ‘sufficient biscuits’ and ‘enough clients’ in terms of things required for running a solid business. Of course, this is especially profound when the boss is me and I’m in our London office quite a lot these days. On the face of it, we’ve found that everyone gets their fair share of dopamine due to an early Friday knockoff. But we’ve also found it has benefits for team cohesion, de-stressing and generally contributing to feeling like a healthy and vibrant workplace.


Victoria, our CHO got us to flex some lesser-used creative muscles. If coming up with branded video concepts is the bench press for our imaginations then cracking out the acrylics is our trapezius incline dumbbell shrug. In other words, we don’t do it often and people who do can look a bit odd.

It turns out we had an afternoon of stencils, acrylic by way of scissors, sponges, paint splashes and a reminder of basic colour theory. Then under expert supervision, we put together 6 really rather lovely pictures of Birmingham landmarks.
Then we retired three paces to the company pub.
Great fun and we heartily recommend it.