A DM probably wouldn’t work that well but I didn’t want to ask for your email address so this is my workaround.

I don’t know what you do and don’t know so if I get into mansplain territory it’s at least with noble intent. This might sound complicated, but it’s really not and DM back any questions. Happy to help. I’ve assumed you’re not made of money so I’ve kept costs as low as humanly possible. A mac would help if you want to be totally self-sufficient, but I wouldn’t start dropping big $$$ until you really need to. If you’re genuinely looking to do something that is you, in a room, talking to camera, you can probably (seriously) do it on your phone to begin with. Cameras on phones are really good, they just need light and a better microphone.

Personally, I’d start small and if it starts taking off, then think about how you improve. It’s a common flaw of people getting into any kind of filmmaking is thinking you need all this expensive shit that you just don’t. Certainly not to begin with.

The main things to consider are the following:

- Camera

- Lighting

- Sound

- Post

Camera - I’d genuinely do a few on your phone to get started. You’d be amazed at what you can achieve with a few simple tricks. Buy yourself a small tripod to hold your phone http://amzn.to/1TqL7ze. Shoot a couple of takes until you’re happy in a medium wide shot, that goes from just above your head to about your midriff. Then move the camera closer to get a close up from just above your head to down to your shoulders. Repeat roughly whatever you’ve just said but don’t worry about getting it verbatim as you’ll be editing the two together anyway.

Sound - For sound, you need to get a microphone as close to you as you can. This would be a good start. http://amzn.to/1Z3KjV5 but you can probably get cheaper if you want.

Lighting - It’s possible to create a cheap lighting set up for as low as $26. As per this 5 minute tutorial here: http://bit.ly/1Z3MjwK If you’re willing to go down that route, we can show you how to do 3-point lighting. If you don’t want to get that hands on, try and do it during daylight, near a big window, and buy a single piece of large white cardboard and use it to bounce sunlight onto your the side of your face not nearest the window.

Post production. Don’t buy a mac, just send the footage to us and we'll edit the first few for you. I run a film production company and I have in house editors, one of whom has a YouTube channel with 300k subscribers so he has some skills in this area and we can certainly help if you want us to. Once you’ve got the look and feel right, then we can teach you basic editing skills so you become self-sufficient.

Honestly. Let us help. I remember we had a twitter DM conversation ages ago where I was asking how I could be a better feminist and despite you giving good advice, I'm just very bad at having any kind of public discussion or knowing where and when I can get involved. I’ve realised since then that all I can do is be a force multiplier for those people, like you, in the thick of it. So this, of all the things, is the one I can really help with. If you’ll let me.