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Friday Goodness
11 Sept

Happy Friday!

Don't we look rather lavish and splendid in our new get up? We figured it was time for a change and our old site didn't really explain anything about us. So please have a look around and let us know what you think. This is a bit of a test run so I'm pretty much expecting it to go wrong in some way. Rather than do hours of messing around and testing, I figured someone would point out where it isn't working. We're all friends, right?

This week's films include an utterly delightful prank on unnecessarily good looking men. You have my solemn promise it will make you feel good about Friday. Then there's a little short film, it's about 5 minutes but it's definitely worth taking a look at over your lunch break.

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Have a thoroughly splendid and delightful weekend.


The fairest night

Argentinian beer brand Andes ran a casting for good looking men on a Saturday night. The aim was to make sure all the needlessly attractive men were out of the picture so the normal blokes would have a better chance in the local nightclubs.

Having never been accused of being needlessly good looking I think this is the best idea anyone's ever had.


One minute time machine

We don't often include short films, but the original intention of Friday Goodness has changed over time to become less about sharing the newest and best online content and more about being something to look forward to. This is a lovely little short film that shows all you need is a simple idea.