...about Online Video is what happens next.

First and foremost we're about great films. We're driven by a desire to do fantastic work that we're proud of and succeeds.

For us that success is usually an emotional response in the viewer. There's nothing quite like showing someone something you've made and getting a hug in return. For our clients that success is usually driving some kind of action. Our skill is in understanding what that action might be and using film to drive it.

We've developed a lot of knowledge around what makes films successful on the web. This is less about taste or creative and more about structure and viewer behaviour. We showed one client how to increase their viewing by ten orders of magnitude just by uploading it differently.

This can be platforms or technology, video site maps, the advantages and pitfalls of seeding, real-time link analysis, HTML5 or the ever-changing landscape of Internet tech. We're excited by the new.

We're involved in YouTube Channel Management and Content Strategy. One member of our team has a personal channel with over 300k subscribers.

As filmmakers, this knowledge is present at every step of the process ensuring our output is not only beautiful, but relevant and useful.