editor / motion graphics artist / nINJA

One role to rule them all.

About you:

In broad strokes this role involves editing high quality promotional films, creating motion graphics and other content. It is about taking responsibility for every aspect of post-production, from planning through to editing, design, motion graphics, data management and archiving on any given film.

We are looking for someone with that alchemical mix of creativity and technical skill, an eye that’s as strong in detail as it is in framing, with a pulsing sense of rhythm and an obsessive need to put things in the right folders. Although motion graphics and some 3D will be necessary, editing should be your raison d’être.

You need to be able to fight for, and explain, your creative decisions, speak to clients or freelancers and multi-task. At this precise moment we have 11 projects in progress and if you were here now you’d have some involvement in all of them.

This role breaks down into three main areas. The first is in preparation, ensuring you are fully briefed and aware of requirements on projects at quoting or pre-production stage. Your voice will be heard before any actual work is done on the project. Then it’s about high quality, creative editing of films or creation of motion graphics. Lastly it involves ensuring that all projects are managed properly and eventually archived in a well-ordered, easily retrievable state. 

We need you to see the world through a lens of improvement; what is it about this project, this role and this company that could be improved on any given day. What exists in the world that the rest of the team should see? We’re always sharing articles and films and best practice.

Finally, you should be able to convey a degree of certainty behind your viewpoint whilst being nice about it. This industry’s too full of douchebags who think they know what they’re talking about.

About us:

Vermillion Films is the West Midlands’ leading production company*.

We work with clients across a range of sectors including sport, rail, agriculture, energy and FTSE 250 clients, as well as a bunch of advertising, marketing and digital agencies. There’s a really broad range of work in our portfolio. We’re looking for someone to fill these winged boots. At the end of this you'll find a few pieces of work from our portfolio. 

We’re the sort of team that likes each other, enjoys coming to work, works hard, has fun and will happily stop in the middle of something to watch a new movie trailer. We all stopped this morning to discuss possible resolutions to Game of Thrones.

Specific responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Estimating post production requirements on projects
  • Ensuring production has a clear understanding of any creative or technical post requirements, prior to shooting
  • Keeping time-recording logs, comparing with estimates and alerting the producer when budgeted time is 80% exhausted
  • Ensuring production has sufficient data management facilities for shoots
  • Editing film projects
  • Motion graphics, animation and 3D, as required
  • Remaining proficient in industry standard software
  • Being actively involved in client relationships during post production, but also at other times, as required
  • Being aware of deadlines across all projects and, in conjunction with the producer, managing your workload accordingly
  • Keeping abreast of technology developments and sharing appropriately with the rest of the company
  • Identifying your own training requirements and fulfilling them
  • Ensuring IT infrastructure in post production is fit for purpose and current, within reason
  • Providing creative input into all projects
  • Embodying the spirit and personality of the company
  • Making sure your job is something you enjoy
  • Other duties, as required.

KPIs will ensure:

  • Client projects are delivered on time
  • Time logs are maintained
  • Post production is completed in accordance with company procedures
  • Company procedures for post production are fit for purpose
  • Projects are archived correctly and remain retrievable.

Application process:

  • Send a copy of your CV to  recruitment *at* vermillionfilms.com
  • Include a covering letter as a Word or Pages doc in Helvetica Regular pt12
  • A shortlist of candidates will be interviewed
  • A reduced, final shortlist of candidates will expected to attend the office in Birmingham and work through some editing and graphics related tasks with the team.

Salary TBC but commensurate with experience and passion. The role is in Birmingham and is expected to commence in early September but we are flexible on this point.

Applications close on Friday 4 August at 1640.

* We like to say this just because it bugs the other production companies around here.


Bonus points if you can do stuff like this below but it's not totally necessary.