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Friday Goodness
4 mar 16

Happy Friday!

Email marketing - it's all about the subject line.

This week, after (genuinely) considerable searching, we've got two genuinely splendid little promos for you. Bret Easton Ellis directs a promo for Figaro at the Paris Opera which is really quite superb and involves surprisingly little violent murder and rampant misogyny. There there's a University promo that makes us realise we probably didn't have the same university experience as all the cool kids.

Have a splendid weekend.



Clearly the death of classical art is a natural evolution, but this seems like a pretty good pitstop on the way. Containing various nods to the opera's narrative the film does a grand job of illustrating how you should prepare to play the Barber of Seville.

All that pretentious nonsense aside, it's just a great watch. 


 As all right thinking Americans prepare to emigrate en masse to Canada here's an interesting comparison for you.

1. A college in Vermont banned energy drinks because they believe it leads to promiscuity. One would think they'd ban being an undergraduate, but no, Red Bull's got to go.

2. This promo for a college in Canada pretty much promises that  you get to snog very attractive members of the opposite sex.