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Friday Goodness
20 Nov 15

Happy Friday!

Start a delightful Friday with a pair of splendiferous filmings. On the one hand we've got a brilliantly funny spot with someone having not quite enough coulrophobia (fear of clowns). Or you can take a heartwarming look at people achieving the near impossible. Though you should only watch that one if you feel like a good cry.

Have a splendid weekend.



It's no longer cool to like clowns. Everyone hates clowns or is scared of clowns. Except this one lovely Norwegian lady. Canal Plus think you should watch more TV in this funny little ad.

The breathless choir

I'm fairly convinced no-one reads this bit. Which is a shame because I got up early to write it. But if you didn't fancy clowns and wanted something different then this film with vocal coach Gareth Malone teaching people with breathing difficulties to sing is a delight..