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Friday Goodness
19 Sept

Happy Friday!

There was bound to be some rugby in here somewhere wasn't there? But it's at the end, after the funny music video. We're sorry this is late but we've been on the 5th of 6 epic shoots for one of our favouritest clients and frankly, the wholeness Frenchness of France just made life difficult for us getting back to the UK in time.

Enjoy this week's films and have a lovely weekend.


SAve dat money

Much of independent filmmaking is based on seeing how much stuff you can get for free. Lil Dicky, lyrical genius, poet and rapper, whose videos have featured in these hallowed pages previously, turns it up a notch. But not to 11, because we don't do clichés.

Lovely stuff and worth a watch to drag you away from the grind.

The game starts here

Bit of an upcry this week, or an outroar if you'd prefer after Matt Dawson made his Hakarena video mocking the traditional Maori dance. It was a bit of a poor show to be honest and I think this is a much better way of both stirring the patriotic heart whilst sticking it to your opponents. The bit with the Union Flag annoys the hell out of me, as it was so clearly designed to do.