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Friday Goodness
2 jan 16

Happy Friday!

There was a thing on Facebook this week about 5 words it said I should use more often. So....

Welcome to this week's usual imbroglio of video goodness. When we began this ephemeral weekly outreach we did intend it to showcase the best and most innovative uses of online content. Now we mostly just go for funny. Last week we gave you Alan Rickman's mellifluous voice and this week it's all about Key & Peele's new movie as well as the nefarious Axe's shift of Brand Positioning. 

We think your enjoyment of our Friday Video Goodness definitely demonstrates our propinquity.

Have a splendid weekend!



We don't usually do movie trailers but we also feel obligated to occasionally push people towards films they may not normally come across because they don't have Iron Man in.

We think this should liven your morning.


If you're anything like us you probably laze around in a bubble bath listening to Bieber and pondering notions of masculinity in the ostensibly  post-feminist era, right? Which means you're also probably written off Axe, or Lynx as it's know here, hardened bastion of teenage masculinity. It seems they've gone for a bit of a brand update.

Smells like progress.