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Friday Goodness
13 Nov 15

Happy Friday!

So we're sending this late today... sorry. Lee is off on holiday this week so the Vermillion Films team have been home alone for a few days. We've interrupted our busy schedule of boobytrapping burglars and eating ice cream in our pants to bring you fun videos. In summary, Christmas is great, cats are great and we all love Star Wars. 


Mog's christmas calamity

Have Sainsbury's just won the Christmas advert battle? It's only November but I'm not sure how you top a cat, loving neighbours and a heart warming message about children's literacy. 

We'll let you decide, but we're #TeamMog

may the force be with us

Duracell have changed that Christmas morning feeling into one much more reminiscent of a galaxy far far away; now we're even more excited for Star Wars to return to the big screen next month... and oddly want to buy lots of batteries... and lightsaber toys.