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Friday Goodness
18 dec 15

Happy Friday!

December's a crescendo of endings. From the beginning of the final month to the last day of work, then Boxing Day with its feeling that all the madness is done before the annual cliff edge of New Year's Eve. This is the last Friday Goodness of 2015 so we've included Google's round up of what, as a connected race, searched for this year as well as a lovely little Johnnie Walker commercial.

We hope 2015 has been good for you and we'll see you next year. 2016 is where glory dwells...

Have a splendid weekend, Christmas and New Year.


A Year in search

It's both powerful and a little scary that google knows what the human race is thinking at any given time. 

Hopefully we were thinking such exclusively nice things as the video suggests.

Dear Brother

This is a spec ad. These get made by students to showcase their talents in the hope ad agencies and production companies will like their work. But it's no different to everyday advertising, the good stuff is just a great idea done well.

Like this one.