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Friday Goodness
11 dec 15

Happy Friday!

As the afternoons descend into darkness and these emails start arriving before sunrise we wanted to lift your week with a little Jeff Goldblum.

But before we direct you to 6ft 4 1/2 inches of awkward Christmas delight we wanted to ask you a question. Can you watch the first film and not find out your three words? 

It turns out that my desk is tiny.pages.water.

Have a geographically accurate weekend.



Being disproportionately honest we thought the film was so-so. But by the end of it we were compelled, like Jessica Jones (you should be watching that on Netflix by now) to download the app.

We kinda love it already.

Stop pretending you like your presents

It just takes a little Jeff Goldblum to explain that Christmas is nothing to do with this goodwill to all men nonsense and is rightly about the quality of gift you receive.