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Friday Goodness
04 dec 15

Happy Friday!

It was a rhetorical question. Of course you want to see a four year old girl drive a truck into things.

And then there's a film with teeny tiny paintbrushes but to be honest, that's just filler this week because we've been too busy to make a one video template for the smashing new look Friday Goodness.

Audience question: Should I get a puppy?

Have a thoroughly splendid weekend.



Little girl given a remote control, a full size Volvo Dumper Truck, buildings and stuff to avoid.

Hashtag. Carnage interspersed with cute guilty smiles.


BEauty on a small budget

I might steal that as the opening line on a dating website. But instead you could watch this cute little promo about making your home look betterer for not very much money using the clever gimmick of painting a teeny tiny room. 

It even manages to reinforce teeny gender stereotypes.

If you started here though, I'd watch the other one.